Burial in a Catholic Cemetery is a long-standing sign of the church’s reverence for the human body. Appropriately, the ground in Catholic Cemeteries is consecrated to receive sacred remains. Burial in a Catholic Cemetery recognizes baptismal commitment and gives witness, even in death, to our belief in the resurrection.

Monuments & Markers

Burial memorialization can be purchased from the Catholic Cemetery when a family purchases their lots or in the future, for both family monuments and grass level markers. Sometimes this can be done at a discounted amount.

​The cemetery’s role in monuments and markers is to establish regulations concerning quality, placement, and content. A monument or marker placed in the Catholic Cemetery should be reflective of the deceased’s belief in the resurrection, as well as being a long-term memorial to the deceased. This is done through an application submitted to the cemetery office when a memorial is placed. Contact the cemetery office for all of your memorialization needs.

Flowers & Wreaths

The La Crosse Catholic Cemeteries grow flowers, and offer a Flower Program that runs from May through September. You can join the program on a yearly basis, or sign up for our perpetual care option. We also offer a wreath option each winter begining November 1st.